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KATV Channel 7

A very cool, and much needed, service.
Check it out!

The clinic is the first of its kind in Arkansas and will enable students at the law school to provide legal services free of charge to veterans throughout the state.

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When you need us,
we are here.

We Are The 22

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Battle Brothers Foundation

Lost a great Recon Marine yesterday due to suicide. One of the hardest working and absolutely one of the best guys to be around. Rest easy Nick Daigle.
Remember you’re not alone. If you ever ... See more

2 days ago
Veterans advocate speaks out after soldiers were denied more than $50 million in medical claims

Is it possible to say that a Veteran being denied the benefits that were earned and paid for, often in blood, and the resulting financial hardships they face can contribute to the Veteran Suicide ... See more

Dan Caldwell, executive director of Concerned Veterans for America, appeared on "Fox & Friends Weekend" Sunday, and addressed the issue of soldiers being denied over $50 million in medical insurance ... See more

3 days ago
Photos from We Are The 22's post

Come on out and meet some of the WAT22 team and help support our efforts in the war on Veteran Suicide today at the Mountains, Music and Motorcycles Festival in beautiful Mt View,Arkansas!!!

4 days ago

Please welcome the newest ASIST trained responders to We Are The 22 Justin Green, Steven Krech, James Jacobs, Darryl Smith, and Mande Pierce.


5 days ago
Why women veterans are 250% more likely than civilian women to commit suicide

This may surprise you...

Making services and programming as effective for female veterans as it is for male veterans can succeed if prioritized, the authors of this commentary say.

6 days ago

If you know of an Arkansas Veteran who’s struggling to cope please leave us a message here on Facebook
Call our hotline at

1 (855) 932-7384

Or go to our website

And click on ... See more

1 week ago

There have been 4,636 active duty and Veteran Suicides in 2019 alone, verified today.

That is more deaths by Suicide in less than a year, than the entire amount of combat casualties for the entire ... See more

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